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Saturday, October 08, 2005

One night at dinner my father said, 'Ramu, my friend Lal Kishen came to see me today. He is very worried about the studies of his young son Babloo. At the start of the academic year Babloo was doing fine but in the last months his grades are going from bad to worse. He wanted my advice. I told him that my son Ramu is studying to become a teacher. Why not let him talk to the boy. Maybe he can identify the problem and be of some help. I want you to go and see Lal Kishen uncle tomorrow evening at six'.

'Oh no daddy, not tomorrow. I have already fixed up some other program. Would the day after tomorrow at the same time suit LK uncle (we used to call him LK uncle)?'

'That should be all right. I will tell him that you will see him the day after tomorrow at the same time'.

When I rang the bell of LK uncle's flat, a young girl of about 20-22 years o f age opened the door. I started to introduce myself, 'My name is Ramu I have co......'

'Yes, yes I know who you are. You have come to see Mr. Lal Kishen in connection with Babloo's studies', she said interrupting me and laughed merrily and added, 'See I know who you are and why you are here. I am Sunitha. I am Babloo's older sister. Please come in papa is waiting for you'.

I looked at the girl more closely. She was quite pretty with a nice figure with real big tits. What struck me most was the mischievous twinkle in her eyes and a very naughty smile. I met LK uncle and told him before I could decide I would like to spend some time with Babloo to be able to really identify his problem. He said it was fine with him.

After three days I told LK uncle, 'There is nothing wrong with Babloo. It seems that his mathematics teacher went a little too fast in the beginning of the academic year or Babloo did not pay enough attention and he got lost. With time he sank deeper and deeper. Now this is re f lecting on his other subjects also. Just give me few months to strengthen his basics. Then he will be his old self again'.

In the mornings Babloo and I had to attend our respective schools. I did not want to forgo my evenings. Therefore it was decided that I would come each afternoon around 3 p.m. for an hour or so to teach Babloo.

Each afternoon Sunitha dressed in a loose housecoat, opened the door for me and after the tuition saw me out. One afternoon when Babloo was tackling some sums I sat chatting with Sunitha. 'I haven't seen your mother is she away?' I asked her.

'You don't know? I lost my mother a year back' she replied with tears in her eyes.

'I am sorry. I didn't know. What do you do?' I asked.

'Me? I don't do anything nowadays. When mummy was alive, I was doing my masters but after her death I gave up my studies to look after Babloo and run the household' she replied.

'That was very noble of you', I teased.

She laughed and said, 'Wasn't it?'
'Doesn't LK uncle plan to marry again?' I asked.

'Yes I think he does but only after my marriage. I don't think he wants a wife for himself as much but someone will be required to look after Babloo after I am married'.

'Congratulations! When is the big day', I inquired.

'Nothing has been settled yet. Papa is pursuing the matter with two families'.

'I am sure you are looking forward to married life', I said with a twinkle in my eyes. She blushed and kept quiet.

Babloo's study table was so placed that Sunitha could keep an eye on it from the kitchen door. Babloo sat with his back to the kitchen door and I sat on his left. In other words if I turned my head to the right I could see inside the kitchen. For the first few days nothing out of the ordinary happened.

On the fourth day when I turned my head to the right I saw Sunitha framed in the kitchen door making funny faces and doing all sorts of pantomime. Sometimes she would strike dance poses and sometimes did physic a l exercises. When she jumped her tits would swing wildly. It was like watching TV on a large vertical screen. I dubbed it as the Kitchen TV channel (KTV for short).

The programs were of short duration but the 'commercial' breaks were sometimes too long. During the tuition hour Sunitha served me with tea and snacks. She would sit next to me with a mischievous smile staring at me while I ate. Her eyes followed every movement of mine. Occasionally she bent forward in such a manner that I got a good view of her ample cleavage.

Whenever she displayed her cleavage she kept staring at my crotch. Naturally when I saw her big boobs I got a hard on. When she saw the big bulge in my pants she would smile broadly. Giving me a hard on amused Sunitha no end. At first I thought that her 'boob show' was an accident but soon realized that she was doing this on purpose just to see my reaction.

After a week or so a big change took place in the program of KTV. Sunitha appeared wearing salwar kameez. At first she just stood there facing me with her chest out. Her kameez was very tight. It underlined every curve and bulge of her breasts and body. She then turned showing her profile. Next she would go out of view and appear very, very slowly. The first part of her body that appeared in the doorway were her big boobs. No other part of her body was visible. Then slowly she would appear. Then she would slowly walk to the other end of the door and then repeat the performance from the other side.

Dear reader you can imagine what I saw. KTV channel was getting more and more interesting but it was playing havoc with my neck and cock.

Next day I changed my position and sat opposite Babloo so that I could look straight at the kitchen door without having to turn my neck. When Sunitha brought tea and snacks for me she said with a naughty smile, 'Ramu why have you changed your position?'

'This way I can oversee Babloo's work much better', I replied.

She said, 'Are you sure that is the reason?'

'What other reason could there be?' I asked her innocently.

She laughed merrily and said, 'Liar. I don't believe you' and she left with a big grin.

In the next two days programs on KTV continued. They were reruns but the difference was that they were now of longer duration and more frequent. I had no complaint. I was enjoying myself. On the third day during the show she moved her hand sensuously all over her body accompanied by a very sexy expression and silently mouthing moans of pleasure.

Friends, this was getting a bit too much. I decided to test the waters. As I was leaving that day I suddenly grabbed Sunitha and kissed her on the lips and pressed her ample tits. She moaned loudly. Then regaining her composure she firmly shoved me away from her and said angrily, 'Ramu tumne mera chumma kyon liya aur mere mamme kyon dabaye? (Ramu why did you kiss me and press my boobs?)'

'Kyon ki tu itni khoobsoorat hai aur teri chuchiyan bahut hee pyaari hain. Kaash main inhain nanga dekh sakt a (Because you are so pretty and your tits are so sweet. How I wish I could see them naked).

With anger flashing in her eyes she said, 'Aap bahut hee battameez hain (You are very rude)'.

'Tere chuchiyon ne mujhe battameez bana diya hai (Your boobs have made me rude)' I replied.

Now she was really angry and shouted, 'Go. You better go now' and pushed me out of the door and slammed it shut in my face. On the way home I thought that this is probably the end of KTV.

I was right. For the next three days I was received by a serious looking Sunitha, no KTV and the tea was served in a very unfriendly manner. On the fourth day KTV was back on the air. Sunitha dressed in a loose housecoat smiled at me. At first she showed her usual dance poses etc. Then she stood facing me and sexily undid the top button of her housecoat.

This action brought us both i.e. my cock and me to immediate attention. Slowly like a stripper she continued to undo more buttons. Then suddenly catching one lapel p u lled it aside for a second. I had a fleeting look of her pretty tit. She repeated this with the other tit also. Then she sexily moved her hand over her body like an accomplished strip artist with her mouth shaped as if 'OOOOing' and AAHHing' in ecstasy.

At the end of each show she laughed silently and her tits would jump up and down. Fascinated I watched her with lust in my eyes and sat oozing pre-cum. After seeing that day's show I got the impression that she was absolutely naked under her housecoat.

As she was seeing me off she laughed and said, ' Mamme dekh liye? (You saw my tits?)'. On the way home I thought over the situation and came to the conclusion that Sunitha does want me to fuck her. To be prepared for all eventualities I purchased few packets of condoms.

Next morning instead of going to my classes I reached Sunitha's flat and rang the bell. She was surprised to see me and said, 'Ramu what are you doing here at this hour? Babloo is still in school'. I walked in and looked around to see if anyone else was there.

'Ramu I told you that Babloo is in school. There is no one here other than me'.

'I have not come to see Babloo. I have come to see you' I said.

'Me?' she asked surprised.

Pushing her into the bedroom I said, 'Yes you and your pretty boobs sweetheart'.

'No Ramu please don't touch me' she protested.

By now I had pushed her on to the bed and was kissing her and pressing her big tits. She moaned loudly. I undid her housecoat buttons and laid her boobs naked to my gaze.

'Ramu what are you doing? Please let me go. I was only teasing you', she begged.

'Don't worry darling I am going to kiss your big tits. I am not going to tease you. You are about to feel the real thing', I told her and started to kiss and suck her brown nipples.

She moaned louder and said, 'Oh Ramuuu'. While sucking her nipples I undid the remaining buttons and ran my hand down her body. My hand came in contact with her lower growth. I was rig h t she was naked under her housecoat. She lay with her eyes closed moaning and groaning with pleasure. I ran my fingers between her cunt lips. With the sensation my fingers were creating her hips started to move up and down in fuck motion.

I shifted my attention to her hairy choot. I sucked and kissed her clit.

'Oh Ramu it is lovely. I have never felt such pleasure before', she moaned. I kept sucking her clit till she came two times amid loud 'OHHH's and AAHH's. Her legs which were initially pressed together were now wide open. I released her and quickly undressed. She opened her eyes to see why I had stopped.

She saw me standing naked with a hard on. 'Ramu tum nange kyon hogaye ho? (Ramu why have you undressed?)'

'Sunitha main ab tujhe chodunga (Sunitha I am going to fuck you now)'.

'Nahin! Ramu nahin. Please mujhe mat chodna. Mujhe bahut dar lagta hai (No! Ramu no. Please don't fuck me. I am very scared)' she pleaded and pressed her thighs together again.

I showed her the condoms and said, 'Darling I will make sure that nothing happens' and lay on top of her. She kept her thighs together. I rubbed my erect lund between the lips of her wet choot.

She moaned with pleasure. 'Jaan apni tangain chawrdi kar ke mere laudre ke liye jageh bana de (Darling please open you legs and make place for my cock)'.

She moaned, 'No. Ramu please don't. Oh don't' but slowly her thighs separated.

I placed my lund on the entrance of her heavenly fuck hole and gently pushed forward. To my surprise my lund slid smoothly inside her choot, amid soft 'Oh's and Ah's' from her, without encountering the sentinel of her virginity. Her cunt was quite tight and my progress slow. After a couple of short in and out strokes I was fully inside her fuck sheath. I was disappointed that dear Sunitha was not as innocent as she pretended to be. She had definitely fucked some one before.

This was not important at that moment. The important thing was that I was inside her choot. I star t ed to fuck her with long slow strokes. I kept varying the length and speed of my strokes constantly. With each stroke of my lund, Sunitha's moans kept getting louder and louder. Her hips started to move up and down in rhythm of my strokes.

Suddenly she raised her hips pressing them against me. 'Oh Ramu bahut acchha lag raha hai. Mujhe aur tezi se chodo (Oh Ramu it feels so nice. Please fuck me faster and harder). Y..hes that is the way. Y..hes yet faster. God I am about to come. Y..hes faster and harder. Ramuuuuu I am COMMMIIINNNNG' she shouted and fell back panting on the bed. After a few more strokes I also poured my elixir inside her choot. For a few minutes we lay kissing each other and enjoying the sensations we had just experienced.

As we lay resting Sunitha said, 'Ramu I had heard that fucking is very enjoyable but I had never dreamt that it would be soooo fantastically great'. I was surprised at this comment.

'Sunitha you are talking as if this was your first time and you have not been fucked before' I asked.

She said angrily, 'Of course it is my first time. Why? Do you have any doubt?

'Well the fact is that when I entered your choot I did not encounter your hymen, which one usually finds in a virgin choot' I told her.

'What hymen? Oh that? That is easily explained. One night when I was eighteen I was feeling very hot and horny. I took a cucumber and tried to put it inside my choot. It went in a little and stopped. I gave it a mighty push. It went in all right but I nearly died of pain. I quickly took it out. My choot was bleeding. The cucumber was also covered with blood. I was scared that I had harmed myself. I never tried it again' she explained.

I thought this could easily explain the absence of the hymen. Before I could say something she said with tears in her eyes, 'Ramu I give you my solemn word of honour that you are the only man who has ever kissed me or touched me. Ramu you do believe me don't you?

'Of course darling I believe you' I s a id and kissed her.

'Sunitha why all the antics on KTV' I asked.

'KTV? What is that?' she asked. I laughed and explained it to her.

'Oh I see. Good thinking. Well in the beginning I did it just to tease you. Then that day when you kissed me and pressed my tits saying you wanted to see them naked, I thought things over and decided it would be nice to make love to you. Then I tried to seduce you by taking the initiative. If you had not come today then I would have given you broader hints or maybe just said, 'Ramu tum mujhe kab chodoge? (Ramu when will you fuck me?), she replied.

'When you had already decided to fuck me then why all this 'no, no business' and other protests.

'Why not? I am a girl. I have the right to say no and play hard to get' she said haughtily and then laughed and added, ' I just made sure not to protest too vehemently. I did not want you to back off. What do you think of me as an actress?'

'I think you should get the 'Oscar', I told her and takin g her in my arms kissed her.

'Ramu enough of talking. Did you come here to talk or to fuck me? Now fuck me' she commanded. We then fucked till it was time for Babloo to come home. For the next two months or so I visited her at least twice a week. During this time Sunitha learnt to suck my cock and loved to swallow my-cum.

One morning as I entered her flat I saw that Sunitha was not her usual cheerful self. I asked her, 'Sunitha why so glum today?'

'Papa has fixed my wedding. I am to marry in four weeks time'.

'Congratulations! This is the time for you to be happy and not sad', I told her.

She said, 'Thanks. Main soch rahi thi ab hum kya karenge? (Thanks. I was thinking what are we going to do now?)'.

'Hum kya karenge? Wohi karenge jo hum karte aaye hain. Main tujhe teri shaadi tak chodeta rahunga aur usske baad tujhe tera mian tujhe chodega. Rahi shaadi ke baad meri baat tau main chodene ke liye koyi aur choot dhoond lunga (What are we going to do? The same what we were doing till now. I will keep fucking you till you get married and thereafter your husband will fuck you. Regarding me, after your wedding I will look for another cunt to fuck)' I told her with a smile.

'Ramu you are incorrigible. Suppose I don't let you fuck me any more', she countered.

'Yes that would pose a problem. I have an idea. Till such time I find another choot to fuck I could bugger your brother Babloo. What do you say?' I suggested.

'You are not going to do any thing of that sort. I love my brother too much. I think it would be better if you continue to fuck me', she said laughing.

'That is exactly what I had in mind' I told her and carried her to the bed.

After we had fucked once I said, 'Sunitha, talking about fucking your brother's ass hole reminds me. Get ready, today I am going to pop your ass hole cherry'.

'No. Ramu, please don't. Let me at least take one cherry to my husband's bed' she said.

'Well if that is what you want then so be it' I t old her. I kept fucking her till the day of her wedding.

Within three weeks of Sunitha's wedding LK uncle brought home Parvati, a childless widow as his bride. When I saw her for the first time I introduced myself, 'Aunty my name is Ramu and I am Babloo's tutor'.

'Yes I know. Come in. Babloo is waiting for you. Please don't call me aunty. There is not much of a difference in our ages. Call me Parvati or Kashish as you like. I would prefer Kashish as every one calls me by that name' she replied. Kashish was about thirty years old. She was much prettier than Sunitha. She was tall, slim with a beautiful figure and her boobs were the right size for her lithe body. She looked radiantly happy. She kept humming popular tunes while going about her work. After six weeks or so I saw a change in her. She no longer hummed and looked quite dejected. She had also become irritable and got angry with Babloo for no rhyme or reason. Frankly I thought 'stepmother and all' and did not give too much thought to this sudden chang e

One afternoon when I arrived I found Babloo was not there. 'Where is Babloo? I asked.

'He has gone out', she replied calmly.

'Why? Babloo knew that I was coming today' I asked getting slightly annoyed.

'That is the reason I sent him on an errand' she said and grabbed my cock. 'Ramu main chahati hoon ki tum mujhe chodo (Ramu I want you to fuck me)' she said.

I was taken aback and stuttered, 'B.. b.. but what about LK uncle?'

'Your uncle is very nice but getting old. In the beginning he fucked me quite often but now he can manage an erection only once in couple of weeks or so. I am young. My choot requires much more fucking than once in a fortnight. When I became a widow I gave up thought of fucking but since my marriage I have tasted the pleasures of fucking again. Kya karoon choot maange more (What shall I do my cunt wants more). I have chosen you to fulfill my desire', she said.

While she was speaking she dropped my trousers and took hold of my hard e rection. Getting down on her knees she started to suck my lund. She was good. I started to moan loudly with the intense sensation her practiced mouth was producing. While sucking my cock she disentangled the trousers from my feet and pushed me towards the bed.

As I lay on the bed she stopped sucking me. 'Kashish bahut achcha lag raha tha. Rook kyon gayin. Aur chooso (Kashish it felt very nice. Why have you stopped? Please do continue)' I begged.

'I promise that I will suck your big balls dry some other day and give you pleasure in more ways than one. Today I want to take all the juice your balls have to offer in my choot' she said and raising her sari sat down on my erect cock.

As soon as my cock entered her dripping choot she said, 'AAAHHHhhh Ramu it feels so good to have a really hard cock inside me again' and started to ride me at a gallop. In no time she came with a loud sigh of satisfaction and fell panting on my chest. She came so copiously that her cum ran down my balls on to the bed sheet.
'Kashish don't stop now. Continue' I moaned. 'Main aur nahin chod sakti. Ramu ab tum mujhe chodo (I can't fuck anymore. Ramu now you fuck me)' she replied. I turned her over and started the in and out movement.

'Ramu it is lovely' she moaned. I varied my speed and the length of my strokes constantly. Soon she was in ecstasy. Her hips started to move in rhythm of my strokes and she shouted, 'Y...hes Ramu that is the way. Harder. Y..hes yet harder. Make mince meat of my choot. Y..hes I am nearly there. Y...hes I am COMMMMMIIINNNGGG' and came.

After a few more strokes I also shot my load into her cum-thirsty choot. 'Ramu you were great. I am so glad that I decided that you fuck me" she panted. That afternoon we fucked several times till it was time for Babloo to return.

As I was leaving Kashish asked, 'When will we fuck again?' My mornings were still free and I told her that I would be with her after two days but in the morning.

She said, 'That wil l be wonderful. I am always alone in the mornings'.

In the days that followed she sucked my cock and swallowed my-cum. She was good at it and I told her so. She laughed and said that she had had lots of practice in her previous marriage. One morning she asked, 'Ramu tumne pahele kabhi kissi aurat ki gaand maari hai? (Ramu have you ever fucked a woman in her ass hole?)'.

Instead of replying, I questioned, 'Tumhain dard nahin hoga? (Won't it hurt you?)'

'No, just a little if it is done properly'. She then brought some oil and asked me to apply it on her gaand and on my cock. I then penetrated her rear hole. As I was fucking her gaand she took my hand and placed it on her choot and said, 'Ramu keep rubbing my clit while you fuck my gaand'.

I did as I was told and soon we both came with loud sighs of satisfaction. We used to meet twice a week and fuck each other to our hearts content in various positions. She was a very accomplished fucktress.

One morning as I was about to enter the building I met Sunitha. 'Sunitha what are you doing here?' I inquired.

'Shouldn't I be the one asking you this question? Ramu it seems it did not take you long to find another choot to fuck did it? She countered. I kept quiet.

'Don't play innocent. I know everything. Tell me how do you find my stepmother's choot? She asked.

'I have no idea what you are talking about? I said trying to avoid the issue.

'Listen smart pants. Two days ago I saw you coming out of the flat in the morning. I should know why you were there shouldn't I? When I went in I saw my stepmother Kashish lying naked on the bed wiping her choot. I asked her what she was doing. She said that she was feeling hot and was wiping the sweat. It did not require an Einstein to tell whose immersion rod had made her choot sweat like this. So answer my question truthfully or do you want me to tell papa' she threatened.

Now that the cat was out of the bag I told her diplomatically that Kashish had had a lot of experien ce.

She asked, 'Tell me have you been able to persuade her to let you fuck her ass hole?'

I laughed and said, 'To tell you the truth I did not have to. She herself invited me to fuck her ass hole'.

With a sad expression she said, 'Lucky her. Look at poor me. I am now married for over three months and my gaand cherry is still intact'.

I laughed and said, 'Come in with me. This situation is easily rectified'.

'No Ramu. I couldn't do that. You go in and enjoy yourself. I have to get back home' she lamented and turned to go.

I went in. When Kashish and I were in the middle of our first fuck we heard Sunitha's voice saying, 'Look what is going on. My dear stepmother is fucking Babloo's tutor Ramu. What will papa say?'

Kashish was aghast. With one hefty jerk she displaced me and started to cover her nakedness. I knew why Sunitha was there. 'Kashish forget about covering yourself. Come grab Sunitha' I told Kashish and jumped up to catch Sunitha.

Together with Kashish we laid the feebly protesting Sunitha on the bed. I raised her sari and rammed my cock into her already wet choot. While I was fucking Sunitha Kashish said, 'Aur chodo isse. Ab yeh hamaare baare main kuch nahin keh sakegi (Fuck her harder. Now she won't be able to say anything about us)'.

After we had finished I told Kashish, 'Thorda tel le aao aur isski gaand chudai ke liye tayyaar karo. Ab main isski gaand maroonga (Bring some oil and prepare her ass hole for a fuck. I am now going to fuck her in the ass hole)'. Kashish obeyed immediately. She undressed the mildly protesting Sunitha and lubricated her ass hole and my cock. I then placed my cock on Sunitha's ass hole and pressed to gain entry.

'Ramu please stop. It is hurting me very much' Sunitha shouted.

Kashish said, 'No. Ramu don't stop. Go on' and then turning to Sunitha added, 'Sunitha darling it will hurt a bit in the beginning but later on you will enjoy it very much'.

Suddenly her ass hole opened admitting my cock in its fold. Sunitha screamed AAAAIIIIIEEEE my god ! It hurts'. I started to fuck her rear hole and simultaneously massaged her clit. Soon her choot was flowing and so was my cock. After that day I fucked Kashish regularly and also Sunitha whenever she chose to join us.

Babloo passed his final exams with flying colours. My tuition was no longer necessary. Everyone was happy. My father was happy because he could help out a friend. LK uncle was happy because Babloo was back on track. Babloo was happy because his grades had improved and he did not require tuition anymore. Sunitha and Kashish were happy because they had their husbands and me to tail them. I was also happy because firstly my first teaching assignment had been a success in more ways than one. Secondly I had deflowered Sunitha and thirdly I got the experienced Kashish to fuck also.
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Sunday, October 02, 2005

Dilawar Ki Chudai

Main Neelam hu. Hamara ek chota sa pariwar tha, mere bhaiya aur
bhabhi, main, papa bas yahi hamari duniya thi.
Main 15th class me thi, ek din main college se jaldi ghar aa gai.
Main jab apne room ki taraf jaa rahi thi to maine bhabhi ke room se
ajeeb si awaaze suni. Bhabhi ke room ka darwaja band tha, maine key
hole se dekhne ki koshish ki par kuch nazar nahi aaya, phir mujhe
dhyaan aaya kitchen ki ek khidki us room ki taraf thi, main toorant
kitchen me gai aur stool par chad kar andhar jhanka. meri to jaise
saanse hi ruk gai andhar bhabhi chud rahi thi, Dilawar (Bhabhi ka
muhbola bhai) bhabhi ko peeche(ass) se chod rahaa tha. Main ek taraf
gusse se pagal ho gai, to dusari taraf ye chudai dekhne lagi. Main
pahli baar chudai ka nazaara dekh rahi thi, haalanki maine saheliyo
se bahut suna tha par aaj apni aankho se dekh kar main garam hone
lagi thi. Idhar Dilawar bhabhi ko bahut buri tarah se chod rahaa
tha, uska lund (i think 8' lamba aur 2.5' chodo tha) bhabhi ki gaand
me andar-bahar ho raha tha. Khair, maine unki poori chudai dekhi,
aur apne room main aa gai.
Dilwar, bhabhi ka bhai tha jo kabhi kabhi ghar aata tha, mujhe wo
badi peni nazaro se dekhtaa tha, uski aankhe mere boobs par yaa ass
par tiki rahti thi. Par maine kabhi use koi ghass nahi dali thi, wo
dekhne me accha nahi tha. Par wo bhabhi ke saath lag jayega yeh
maine kabhi nahi socha tha.
Usi sham ko jab bhabhi kitchen main aayi to maine unse pooch liya ki
yah sab kya hai. Bhabhi to kaanp gai, aur mujhse haath jod kar
minnat karne lagi, "Pleaseee maaf kar do, kisi se na kahana.....
main mar jaongi" aur rone lagi. Phir unhone bataaya ki Bhaiya aksar
tour par rahte hai to wo dilawar se lag gai. Khair maine bhabhi ko
maaf kar diya aur waada liya ki wo ab aisa nahi karegi.
Us raat main so nahi saki baar baar unki chudai yaad aa rahi thi.
Agle din Bhabhi ne mujh se kahan, "Neelu agar tum dilawar se maje
lena choho to main kise se nahi kahongi...tum par wo bahut fida hai,
khus kar dega tujhe". ye sunte hi, mere pure badan me aag si lag
gai, main kaanp gai. "Bolo neelu, kabhi to chudogi...dilawar,
perfect hai " bhabhi mujhe salaah deti rahi par main chup
rahi, "Teri chudai, ke liye wo bahut tarstaa hai..soch le mokaa
hai.....kisi ko pataa nahi chalegaa...thik hai kal bataa dena" kah
kar bhabhi chali gai. Bhabhi ne jo aag di thi wo raat bhar sulgati
rahi. Agle din subah, maine Bhabhi ko kahan ki main sirf 2-4kisses
karwanaa chahti hu aur kuch bhi nahi pleeese.
Bhabhi maan gai. shaam ko, Bhabhi mere pass aayi kahan, "Neelu, Papa
se maine shoping par jaane ka bahanaa kar izzat le li hai...hum-tum
sidhe Dilwar ke Flat par jaayenge". Main kuch bolti, bhabhi ne mujhe
tayaar ho jaane ko kaha. Hum dono car se dilwar ke flat ki taraf
chal diye. raaste me, Bhabhi ne Dilawar ki bahut taareef ki.
Kuch der me, Hum uske flat ke door par the... dilawr ne darwaaja
kholo..wo khusi se pagal tha..maine dekha uski nazar mere badan ko
naap rahi thi. Main sharam se gadi jaa rahi thi aur nazar nahi mila
paa rahi thi, bhabhi ne mujhe andar chalne ko kahan. Andar main sofe
me bait gai. Bhabhi ne Dilwar se kahan ki, "Meri Nanad ko shikayat
ka mokaa nahi dena, wahi karanaa jo batayaa hai". Dilawar ne Bhabhi
se kahan ki wo ab shopping karne chali jaaye. Bhabhi ne mujh se
izzat li aur 2ghante me aane ko kah kar chali gai.
Main simit kar baithi hui thi. Dilawar mere pass aa kar baith gayaa,
usne mere chahre ko apni aur kiya, maine aankehn band ki hui thi.
Dilwar bolo, "uff" aur mere lips par kiss karne lagaa. main madhosh
hone lagi, aur kaanpne lagi, phir usne mujhe apni baho me kas liya
aur mere lips ko bedardi se suck karne lagaa.
Main uske bahav main aa gai aur samarpan kar diya. Usne mere dono
boobs ko muthi me kas liya aur dabaane lega, "uiiiiiiiiieeeeeee"
meri aah nikal gai, "Pleeeee dheeerrrrreee se karrrrrroo, naaa".
usne phir dheere dheere dabaye, usne mujhe sofe par pura lita liya
aur aur mere upar aa gayaa, main uske wajan se dabi jaa rahi thi,
usne mere boobs phir kas liye aur mere gaal ko kiss karane
lagaa...meri jaango par uski jaange thi, aur uska lund mah mahsoos
kar rahi thi...ab wo mujhe upar sahi dhake dene lagaa...uske badan
ki ragad se main garam ho gai thi, meri saans phool gahri ho gai,
chera ek dam laal ho gaya...phir usne meri salwar ke upar sahi meri
chut par haath pherne lagaa...meri saanse ruk gai thi maine shrmaa
kar dilawar ko apni aur kas liya...usne phir meri salwar khol di,
uska haath meri panty me aa gaya... main gili thi, usne chut par
ugliyen phernaa soooru kar diya...acchanak uski ek ungli meri chut
me ghus gai..."uiiiii maa......ouchh, pleeee" main chila uthi.
Par wo muskraa raha tha.. meri aanko me dekhkar kahan, "Neel, tune
bahut tarsaya hai...uff, bahut tight hai tu" uski ungli ab andar
bahar hone lagi..main saat we aasmaan par thi, bahut mazza aa rahaa
tha, maine a bhi apni chut upar ki taraf kar di taaki aur gharai tak
ungli jaa sake...5 minute ke baad, usne mujhe kurti utaarne ko
kahan... main uth gai, aur kameez utaar di, uski lalchai nazar mere
boobs par thi.. usne issaara kiya ki bra bhi utaar du...maine bra
bhi utar di, usne turant mujhe pakad liya
aur, "wow....slurrrrrrrrrrrrp" mere baay boob par jeebh pherne
lagaa, dusre boob ko usne haatho se kas liya aur bedardi se bheechne
lagaa...main chilla padi, "Aaaaaaaaaa.....aaaram se karo,
naaa"..phir usne mere dono boobs ko behaal karnaa sooro kar diya...
bite par bite, ragad ragad kar laal kar diya...phir usne meri salwar
jo abhi poori nahi utari thi, nikaal kar phek di..ab dilwar ne apne
kapde bhi utar diye.. hum dono nange the...maine dekhaa uskaa lund
musal ki tarah khadaa tha, manin ek taraf dar bhi rahi to khus bhi
ho rahi thi ki aaj mujhe jannat ka mazzaa mil rahaa hai...dilwar ne
mujhe lund muh me lene ko kahan, maine use haath me liya aur kiss
karne lagi. "Muh me le, saali" usne jabardasti mere muh me wo ghussa
diya... maine koshsish ki par theekh se kar nahi paai..usne mere
gaal pakad kar khechee aur lund ko aur andar ghussa diya. mere halak
tak wo aa gaya, meri to saans aatak gai, dilwar samajh gaya aur usne
lund bahar nikaal liya. Ab dilwar khada hua tha aur main sofe par
leti hui thi, usne meri aaankho me dekh kar kahaan, "Ab chudia kare"
Main sharma gai, aur aakh band kar ke boli, "hu". Dilwar ne mere
legas phalay aur apne lund ko meri chut par rakha, aur dhkaa
diya.."uiiii, mummmyyiii" mere andar wo ghusataa chala gayaa.
Ab Dilwar nahi rukaa aur dhake par dhakka dene lagaa, mah darad se
chilla rahi thi aur tadap kar daaye baaye sir kar rahi thi..."Tu
bahut tight hai, Saali".. usne apna lund nikaal liya, aur mujhe
kahan, "chal table par let jaa". Table par aane ke baad usne mujhe
kinaare ki taraf kar diya, meri legs ko usne kheechaa, jisse meri
kamar tak ke neeche ka hissa table ki support se bahar aa gayaa, ab
usne mere legs phalaaye aur meri gaand neeche se pakad kar apna lund
meri chut me ghusaane lagaa. Wo ghusstaa chalaa gayaa, aurphir mujhe
bedardi se chodne lagaa, usne mujhe bhi dhakke maarne ko kahan, par
main nahi kar paa rahi thi, chodte chodte usne apni ek ungli meri
gaand me gusaa di. "aiiiiii.....nahiii... wahan nahi" main apni
gaand utha te hua chillai. Wo mushkara diya bola, "Saali, isi tarah
se tu upar ko dhake degi.. le aur, le" aur usne phir ungli gusa di,
main phir upar uchali.
Ab dilwar ungli ghussata aur meh gaand upar karti, is tarah se wo
mujhe chodne lagaaa. Main apna orgasm masoos karne lagi maine table
ke kinaare ko pakad aur pairo se dilwar ko jakad liya. Usne dono
haatho se meri kamar pakad kar, apni speed bada
di. "uuuuuuuuuuuhhhhhhh" main jad gai, mujhe hos aaya to dekha
Dilawar muskaraa raha tha. Thodi der baad usne phir mujhe table se
utaraa, aur table ki taraf jhuka diya jisse meri gaand dilwar ki
taraf ho gai aur mera chehraa table ki aur, usne meri kamar pakad
kar kahan, "Neelu, aur jhuko, main peeche se chut marunga" main aur
jhuk gai, aur dilwar ne meri gaand par haath phera, "Kya chikni
gaand hai teri....neelu". Phir usne peeche se meri chut me lund daal
dia, meri kamar pakad kar chodne lagaa. Thodi ar baad wo jhad gayaa.
Kuch dar baad, Maine apne kapde uthaye jaise hi pahne lagi, dilwar
ne mera haath pakad liya. "Nanhi neelu, abhi nahi...ek baar aur".
Usne mujhe sofe par bitthaya aur lund mere muh me daal diya. Maine
use chusa wo dheere dheer phir khadaa ho gayaa..jab wo pura khada ho
gaya, dilwar ne mujhe phir se table ki aur jhukne ko kahan. Main jab
jhuki to usne peeche se meri kamar pakad li aur bolo, "uff, Teri
gaand...neelu, ab ise bhi de de..."aur main use kuch kah paati, usne
meri gaand par thuk lagayaa aur apna lund rakh kar ek jor
maara...meri sach me cheekh nikal gai. Main dard se rone
lagi, "Pleasseeeee isi rahne do...baad me le lena". usne mujhe pyar
se kahan, "Raani, binaa gaand maare tujhe nahi chhodungaa...teri
gaand ne is lund ko pagal bana diya hai..tujhe deni hi padegi...abhi
pyar se le rahaa hu... warna main jabardasti karoonga". Usne phir
meri gaan par tail lagayaa aur lund phir ghussayaa......main ro rahi
thi...bahut koshish ke baad usne mujhe sofe ki aur jhuka diya, meri
gaan upar uth gai.. ab wo mere upar jhukaa aur mere kandhe pakad kar
dhakaa dene lagaa, ab lund andar jaane lagaa... phir usene mujhe
kamar se pakad kar dhake dena sooru kiya...pura lund ghus chuka
tha...par mera dard kam nahi hua tha, ab wo mujhe khub kas kar
chodne lagaa. "aaaaiyyyyyyyyy...uiiiii..haaa dilwar chodo
mujhwe"..."hu raani, le aur le...aaahh" "Dilawar..luv u..."
Thodi dar me hum shant ho gaye. Aur sofe par hi let gay...maine time
dekha 2 ghante se jyadaa ho chuke the. Dilwar ne kahan, "teri bhabhi
jab tak nahi aayegi, jab tak main use phone karke naa bula lu".
Maine dilwar ko baho me kas liya. Dilwar ke haath abhi bhi meri
gaand ko kase hue the. Dilwar bola, "neelu, tere pati ki aish ho
jayegi...tu bahut sexy hai...specially teri gaand, mera lund to ise
dekhte hi khada ho jataa hai" maine boli, "hu". Thodi dar baad
dilwar ka lund phir khadaa ho gayaa, usne meri ankho me dekh kar
kahan, "ek baar aur pleeeeeeeeeeeeese". Maine bhi haa kar di aur
usne phir se mujhe chodna suroo kar diyaa.
Us din usne mujhe 4 baar chodo. mujhe bahut mazza aaya........iske
baad to hamne khub chudaiyan ki.

My Professor Aparna

Now for the real experience. It was a Sunday and I had a lecture at
10 a.m. (Being a Management student I had a weekly holiday on one of
the weekdays.) I had a 3-hr lecture that day. As it was a Sunday
there was nobody in the college except our class and the watchman
who was sitting on the ground floor (we were on the top floor). He
would come to the top floor @ 4.00 pm to close the college. The
attendance that day in our class was also not very much as there was
a cricket match between India and England (anyway who likes to come
to college on a Sunday'''). There was not even 25% attendance in the
class. So she taught us for an hour and then ended her lecture.
Everybody started going to their homes but I was there in the class
with Aparna as I had some doubts about the type of questions to be
asked in the exams. So she said, "Come to the staff room I will show
you previous years question papers which will help you." I said OK
and started to follow her to the staff room.
The staff room too was empty and no professor was there. Now in our
staff room all the previous years question papers and some
supplements were all kept in a small room attached to the roof of
the staff room. It was more or less like an attic. She said, "Come
we will search for the question papers up there". And she started
climbing up the stairs leading to the attic. I was standing right
below her so when she started climbing I saw her milky white legs
clearly and her ass too was moving here and there. I got a hard-on
immediately. Then suddenly she looked back and she noticed what I
had seen. Then she said, "Come up quickly." I was very tense at that
moment so I hurriedly tried to climb the steps and as a result I
slipped after climbing 1 or 2 steps. She exclaimed, "Be careful,"
and chuckled. I was getting horny by that time and was feeling like
fucking her right then and there. But somehow I controlled myself
and went up.
Up there in the attic there were a couple of chairs and a small
table. Then she took a file and sat in front of me with the table
between us. She started going through the file and searching for the
question papers. She turned 1 or 2 pages and in the file she
suddenly found a photo of a nude girl giving blowjob to a well-built
man. She was stunned and quickly looked towards me. Actually I also
saw the photo but I behaved as if have seen nothing. By this time my
cock was saluting her. I was desperate to fuck her now. In the mean
time she hurriedly closed the file and kept it.
Then she started searching for some other file. She saw the file but
couldn't reach there. So she said, "Please stand up and get me that
file." But it was trouble for me as I had a big bulge under my
pants. But I couldn't delay in following her orders. So I got up.
She saw the bulge and shouted at me "What's this'" I said, "I am
sorry ma'am." I could make up from her face that she was also
getting horny. She asked me, "Did you see that photo in the file'"
Without my knowledge I promptly answered in affirmative. My face was
red by this time. I said to myself you stupid, what did you do. You
have just ruined your image in front of her. Due to her high tone my
cock was as dead as a moron. But suddenly she said, "I would also
like to do the same with you. " I was stunned. I looked at her and
she gave a wicked smile. It was a dream come true for me. Then she
took a step towards me. Suddenly my cock came back to life and the
bulge was getting harder and harder. She then kissed me on my cheek.
That's it. It was all I wanted.
I started madly kissing her. Then she took a step back and threw her
pallu off her breasts. Then one by one I started to remove her
clothes. First I removed her saree. Then came out the blouse, then
her petty coat. WOW she's standing in front of me in her undies. I
was kissing her all the time. Then I removed her bra and could see
her milky white boobs with little pink nipples on it. I pinched her
nipples and she moaned slowly. By this time her undies were getting
wet. Then it was her turn to take off my clothes. She removed my
clothes and now I was in front of her in my underwear. There was a
huge bulge on my underwear and my cock was fighting hard to come out
of the prison. Then I took her undies off and there she was standing
naked in front of me as I used to picture her in my dreams. Then I
started kissing her from her forehead to the red cheeks. Then I bit
the soft part of her ear and she moaned, "Ahhhhhh." Then I kissed
her on her rosy lips went down to suck her boobs off. I was
continuously pinching and sucking her nipples. I pressed them with
my hands. Then I few drops milk came out of her tits. I gleefully
licked them. They were really very delicious. Then I moved further
down to her navel and started tonguing it. She exclaimed, "Ohhhhh
yessssss coooomee ooonnn hmmmmm."
Then I laid her down on her back. I started licking her feet. Then
her knees then her milky white thighs that I saw a few minutes ago
while she was climbing the steps of the attic. There were a few
drops of her cum on her thighs I licked them clean. Then I kissed on
her underwear. She was just getting mad by now. I removed her
underwear to see her completely shaven white pussy. It was
completely wet by now. I licked it carefully and started to finger
her slowly. She was getting aroused by now she was telling
me "Please do not trouble me any more, fuck me please." But I
continued to finger her. Then suddenly she shouted, "Oooohhhhhhhh I
am cummmmmmmmming pleeeassse." I decided to delay her orgasm. So I
lifted her legs up to her face and started to lick he asshole.
Hmmmmm, she really tasted delicious. Then I came back to her cunt.
This was the perfect time for me. This time I fingered her
vigorously. She kept on shouting and suddenly she came. She erupted
so hard and quick that her come nearly flew to about 3 ft. She was
paralyzed for a few seconds then I licked her pussy clean with my
tongue. Then she said, "Oh!! Where were you by this time this was
the most intense orgasm I ever had." She couldn't move still now.
After she got up she kissed me all over and took my undies off. And
my cock sprang up like a spring. My cock head was full of my precum.
She hungrily licked it. She continuously kept on licking my cock
head. Then she took my tool in her mouth and started to give me a
blowjob. I also came very hard and drank each and every drop of my
come. She licked my cock dry. Then we kissed for some time. We
passed each other's come in each others mouth. The cocktail of our
come tasted delicious. Then I said, "Turn back I want to fuck your
ass." She hesitated a bit. She said her ass was still a virgin and
her husband didn't fucked her ass at all. But I convinced her and
she agreed. I started to push my cock in her ass but she shouted too
loudly and gave my palm in her mouth. She bit it very hard. So I
took my cock out and she said tome to lubricate my cock and her ass
before entering her. I looked here and there. But where would I find
a lubricant in a college.
Then she said she has an idea and quickly started to masturbate me.
After a few minutes I was about to come. As soon as I came she took
my come in he palms and then applied it on my whole penis. Then she
applied the remaining in and around her asshole and then licked her
palm clean with her tongue. I was really impressed with her idea and
she was continuously smiling at me. Then I slowly slid my cock in
her ass and she moaned loudly, "AAAAHHHHHHAAAHHHHHHHH." This aroused
me and I pumped it even harder and it was completely in by now. Then
I pumped for about 15 min and then came for the first time. Then
after 10 min once more. This time she was impressed with me.
Now it was the real time for me to enter her pussy. She quickly
asked me to lay on my back and then she sat on my penis. She went up
and down and up and down. After few minutes I came. Then we tried
some other sexual position until we were completely exhausted. In
the last shot when I was about to come she took my tool out and put
it in her mouth to eat my come. Both of us were really tired. So we
took a long kiss on our lips and dressed up to get down from the
attic. This was the one and only on sexual encounter I ever faced.

Fauzia My Sister in Law

myself "Jamil". I have got a very beautiful wife named "Nazia"
(34/26/34). We are very best friend because we both can share our
all feelings without any hesitation. We think that HUSBAND and WIFE
relation is the best relation out of all the relation of world.
Because all the feelings from sexual to mental can be shared by
HUSBAND and WIFE but in other relation we can think for sex mentally
not physically. If anyone making sex relation other than
wife/husband than that is illegal but on making these illegal sex
relation our society's social code is getting maintained. Let us
discuss one-two example. Suppose Sister-in-Law became widow early
and living in a joint family. She need sex then where she will go'
If someone from the same family is satisfying her in the same house
itself then she don't feel to go out for sex with other person. This
way status code of that particular family is getting maintained.
Similarly there are other hundreds of example.
Nazia has got very charming face and got good body construction. She
likes me too and always say that she likes my excessive sex
behaviour very much. During early marriage day I visited her to fuck
6 to 7 times in one night and if getting chance then 1 to 2 times in
day hour. Due to that frequent fuck she became habitual of my cock.
Now situation is that she don't want to go away to her father/mother
place due to unavailability of my cock fuck. She is very cooperative
in all my acts. In spite of getting good numbered fuck I always want
pussy to fuck all the time. Once Nazia asked me that why you people
don't satisfied' I told her that the day I will be satisfied then
you will be dispatched to your father/mother's place. She got
understand. I told Nazia that this is natural phenomena and due to
this only population of all living things of earth are keep on
increasing. Male never get satisfied by sex. He always look for sex
next after next.
One day Nazia told me that is there any difference of sex pleasure
in our early marriage day and these days' I replied that yes there
is difference. In early marriage days your pussy was very tight
during fuck but now a days your pussy is loose from inside and I
don't feel that tightness. She told that who is responsible for the
same' I agreed that yes myself made your pussy loose that is why I
always feel comfort in your pussy because it give me feeling that
this is my own pussy and I have to love it and fuck it. She became
very happy on my reply and in that night she gave me good numbered
of fuck in different poses.
One day a distance girl relative, Fauzia, aged 24, unmarried
(38/24/38) of Nazia came to our place to stay for few weeks for some
work. She was very talkative and very very beautiful and having
milky white complexion. Whole day she talks with Nazia on so many
garbage topics. She tell me Jija, and maximum time she keeps teasing
me. Sometimes she try to tease me physically. I never feel bad for
her tease because when she talks I always stare her face, good sized
boobs. One day I was in night dress and Fauzia came to me to tease
and all of sudden she caught my erected hard cock and after few
message of my cock she left my room quickly. I got amazed on her
behaviour but at the same time it gave me great pleasure. In night I
told this to Nazia. Nazia got surprised but she told that she want
your cock to satiate her. Nazia told me that dear you are lucky that
you are getting this chance at home itself. She keep continue
telling that I will make arrangement for you to fuck her tight
virgin pussy, you just keep patience.
Very next day Nazia asked Fauzia secretly about catching Jamil's
cock. She straight way told her that I want to be fucked by him
because she like me very much. She told OK but keep patience when
family members will be out then in that day this episode will be
performed. After 3 days all of sudden family members went to see one
relative and after their departure myself, Nazia and Fauzia left at
home. After that Fauzia requested Nazia to arrange her fuck by me.
First of all we all had good food and healthy drinks. First of all
Nazia became naked herself then she made Fauzia naked. Afterwards
both of them made me naked. Fauzia was looking very good. Her pink
nipples on milky white good sized breast was giving a great look.
Her boor (pussy) was clean shaved and had a great artistic cut. When
I touched her pussy it gave me great sensation, feelings was like to
touch hot and soft butter. On touch she starts doing "Sshhhh
hhhheeee eeee shhhhh hhhhheee eeeeeeee." Her body shape was great.
Even Nazia was continuously staring her body, boobs and pussy.
I lay down on the bed and quickly Nazia brought honey from kitchen
and she poured large drops on my cock and asked Fauzia to lick my
cock. Nazia turned up and gave her boob in my mouth. I start sucking
and squeezing her breast and Fauzia was licking my cock and balls
like as mad. All of sudden Nazia turned up and asked Fauzia to
replace their place. Fauzia came towards my mouth and dumped her big
breast in my mouth. I start sucking hard nipples and squeezing her
tight breast by hand. Fauzia was experiencing new things and she
kept doing, "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah oooooooooooooooh ahhhhhhhhhhh
ooooooooh." Nazia took my whole hard cock in her pussy and start
shaking her back. Nazia was thinking to make me fall so that I can
stay longer in FAZIA's boor (pussy). All of sudden Fauzia told Nazia
to leave myself for her for some moment. Afterwards she make poses
of 69 and she start sucking and shaking my cock and I start licking
her sweet pink pussy deep and deep. She was getting excited and keep
on saying, "Ooooooon ooooooooon oooooooon ooooooooooon," and in the
same time she keep working on my cock. Salty juice were start coming
out from her pussy and drop by drop I was enjoying Fauzia's juice.
Now I was ready to pump out my juice as Fauzia was trying to pump
out by sucking and shaking. My cock was getting harder and harder
and my legs were getting tense and all of sudden my juicy semen came
out with great force in the mouth of Fauzia. Fauzia was keep
inhaling all of semen and afterwards she licked to finish all my
semen which was spreaded on my balls and body. Now there was great
relax on the face of Fauzia. Afterwards we all three relaxed for 5-
10 minutes. Nazia made milk-shake mixed with honey, dry fruits and
we all had 2-2 glass of that. Afterwards Nazia made my cock erected
again on licking and messaging. Afterwards Nazia asked Fauzia to lay
down on bed and she start kissing to chicks, lips and boobs of
In the meantime I made gap between legs of Fauzia and kept my
erected hard cock's head on the entrance of Fauzia's pussy and gave
a great stroke in order to penetrate my cock in virgin boor (pussy).
FAZIA's boor (pussy) was so tight that only half of cock could enter
in her boor (pussy). Fauzia start screaming, "Mmmmmm mmmaaaa
aaaaiyaaaa aaaaaaaaa geeee eeeeee mmmmmmmmm mmmmaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaa
aarrrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrr gggggggg ggaaaaa aayyyyy yyeeee." She start
requesting me to take out cock quickly and start trying to get up.
Nazia pressed both hands of Fauzia to avoid her to get up and she
kept on making understand that this happened with all girls in her
first fuck.
Without caring request of Fauzia I gave another hard stroke and my
whole cock penetrated in Fauzia's boor (pussy). Fauzia's scream was
now very high. "Mmmmm mmmmmaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaarrrrrrrr rrrrrrrrrrrrr
gggggg ggggaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaayy yyyyyee eeeeee reeeeeee eeeeeeeee
maaaaaa aaaaaar daaaaaa aaaalaaaaaaa aaaaaaa reeeeeee eeeeee isss
ssssss chhhhhhooo oooooddddddda aaaaaaaaaakkkkkkk kkkkkkaaaaaaaa
aaaaarrrrrrrrrrrrr neeeeeeee eeeeee." She was keep requesting me and
to Nazia to take out cock from her boor. Nazia gave me signal by eye
to keep continue. Now without caring her scream I start giving
stroke and stroke. Fauzia was keep on screaming and I was keep on
giving stroke. After 3-4 minutes her legs becoming tight and
Fauzia's excitement increased again. Soon she made fall of salty
watery liquid. I took out my cock for second to clear her fall and
in next moment I again pressed whole cock in her pussy in one
thrust. Fauzia was still screaming and telling "Phaaaaa aaarrrrrrr
daaaaaa aalaaaaa aaaaa reeeeee eeeee meeraaaa aaaaaaaaa boooooo
ooooorrrrrrrr koooooo."
I was keep giving thrust. Fauzia's boor (pussy) was very tight.
Along with giving stroke I was keep on squeezing Fauzia's boobs and
sucking her pink nipple. Nazia was kept on kissing Fauzia's lips and
chicks. Now I was ready to fall. My legs and body start becoming
tight and in the next moment I pumped my semen in deep of Fauzia's
boor with great force and without moving I lay down on Fauzia's
body. After few moments I got up from her body. Fauzia's was feeling
good and due to pain in her boor drops of water keep coming out from
her eyes but she was smiling and kissing me and to Nazia.
Soon we all three got up and changed bed sheet and all had bath
together. After become fresh we all had good food. After two days
Fauzia returned back to her home but she took promise from us that
whenever she will make visit the same episode will be repeated. We
promised and...

My Mother in Law

I've been married for the past 2 years to Neela, a very pretty and
shy girl, who used to live in the same neighbourhood in Bombay as I.
Although shy by nature, it sure was a pleasant surprise for me to
find out after marriage that she has a never-ending appetite for
sex, which ensured that we end up having it at least 10 times a
week; and 2 years after marriage, we're still going great guns. But
hey.... this story isn't at all about myself and my wife, is it `
Some months after our marriage, I sold off my house in Bombay and
shifted to the city of Pune. The only relative that we left behind
in Bombay was Neela's mother, I.e. my mother-in-law, who had been
widowed 12 years ago. And she, my friends, is the heroine of this
story - Salima. Although it's not considered polite in the Indian
culture to refer to your parents-in-law by their first names,
looking at the extent to which I've got close to my mother-in-law by
now (as you're soon going to find out), you'll agree that the word
TABOO doesn't exist in my dictionary anymore.
Although I'm presently running my business from Pune, I still have
to travel to Bombay quite often for business purpose. And since my
mother-in-law still lives there (all alone), I prefer living at her
house whenever I'm in Bombay, instead of spending money on hotels.
My wife is also happy to accompany me on my trips sometimes, so that
she also gets to be with her mother from time to time, although she
doesn't do that every time.
This happened (or rather, started) during one such trip to Bombay,
when I was traveling alone, and was required to remain there for 5
full days. Whenever in Bombay, it's my regular routine to finish all
business matters by 6:00 in the evening, then to come back home,
freshen up, and then to go out with some old friends for a couple of
drinks, then to get back home, take a light dinner, and then
straight to bed. At this point, I must also tell you about another
routine, which I and my wife enjoy whenever we're together. Before
going to bed at night, we both like to take a hot shower (sometimes
together), dry ourselves, which is followed by a special ritual: My
wife makes me sit on the bed, and then brings some fragrant talcum
powder (usually, lavender - the most exotic fragrance of them all).
She sprinkles it all over my naked body, and then spreads it over my
body with her loving soft hands. She almost massages the powder into
my skin, using not only the palms of her hands, but eventually her
feet and breasts, too. After this, I take over. I use my strong and
sturdy hands to give her the same powder massage, caressing and
fondling with her whole body - especially her well rounded breasts
and her soft and full ass. Needless to say, this fondling and
caressing ultimately results in such great arousal in both of us, we
end up having some fabulous sex every night. Well, I don't know
about it's benefits in terms of aromatherapy, but this sure works as
a great foreplay for the both of us.
So... back to my mother-in-law, Salima. This particular trip to
Bombay was in the summer months, when the weather there is very hot
and sultry. On the very first day, I went through my usual work-
followed-by-drinks routine, and got back to my sasuraal (in-laws'
home). After having dinner with my mum-in-law (I call her 'Mummy',
since that's what my wife calls her, too), I decided to take a
shower before going to bed, since I'd been badly sweating it out
throughout the day. I took a hot shower, intensely wishing all the
while that my wife should've been there, too. I got out of the
bathroom with only a soft Turkish towel wrapped around my waist, and
stood on the doormat outside the bathroom door for drying my feet,
still fully lost in my earlier thoughts, missing my wife very
dearly. That's when my chain of thoughts was suddenly broken by the
voice of Mummy, who was standing at the bedroom door. "Missing
Neela, aren't you'" she said looking at me with a mischievous smile
on her face. "Yes Mummy", I said, "I wish she'd been here, too.
She'd also have felt glad to be with her Mummy," not daring to
reveal the actual reason why I was missing her daughter at that
Mummy smiled warmly, took a few paces towards me, and said, "Naughty
you! You think I don't know why you're missing her right now' I know
all about the 'powder ritual' that you both enjoy in the evenings
after taking a shower. Neela has told me about it already." "And you
know what'" she added after a short pause, "Neela just loves it! It
sure is a very innovative idea that you two have come up with to
enjoy your married life. Neela always tells me what wonderful lover
you are".
All this had left me blushing red in front of my mother-in-law. I'd
never imagined my shy-girl Neela to be so free with her mother to
share these intimate things. I just didn't know how to reply. "Don't
feel shy, Tarun. Most mothers are always anxious about their
daughters' sex lives after marriage, whether they're leading a
satisfied one or not. And I feel myself a very, very happy mother
today, to know that my daughter is so happily married to a fine and
handsome young man like you". She was by now standing next to me,
patting me on the back of my shoulder affectionately. Then she let
her hand rest on my shoulder, gripped it slightly, and said, "Come.
Sit there on the bed. I'll put powder on you today. You will sleep
feeling more refreshed".
I sure loved the idea, so I followed her to the bed. She gently
pushed at my shoulders and made me sit down on the bed. I still had
only my towel wrapped around my waist, which I adjusted properly,
and sat on the bed with my back to her. First, I felt a generous
amount of cool talc being sprinkled onto my shoulders. And then I
felt Mummy's hands spreading them, very gently, all over the top and
back side of my shoulders. Mummy's hands, just like Neela's, were
quite soft and supple, but much firmer. The same can also be said
about her whole body, as a matter of fact. Even at 48, she possesses
a body that could put any 30-something woman to shame. She has
maintained not only her voluptuous frame, but also all her curves,
which are in the very right places. In fact, in my college days,
when I had just started courting Neela, the mother-daughter pair
used to take an evening walk together everyday. Anyone who didn't
know them could have been forgiven for mistaking them for 2 sisters
walking together, one elder than the other by just a couple of
Mummy continued with her gentle powdering and chatting about trivial
things in-between.. I have enough hair on my chest to be called
hairy, but my back and shoulders are as smooth and hairless as a
silk saree. Therefore, I could feel the whole surface of Mummy's
palms caressing my skin, moving in wide circular motions. When the
powder was well spread over my back, she kept the container away,
and started a semi-massage on my skin. The caressing got a little
firmer, and I could feel the strength in her hands now. Being from
the older generation, and hence being used to doing a lot of
physical work in the past, Mummy sure was a strong lady.
She now shifted her attention to the top of my shoulder, and started
working on them like a professional masseuse. With her exceptionally
sturdy hands, she was pressing, kneading, rubbing and squeezing my
shoulder muscles, and man, I loved the feeling! It was such a
soothing sensation, I was feeling more and more relaxed with her
every stroke. She rubbed the whole of my back in this manner for
about 2 minutes, and then asked me to fold my hands above my head,
with my crossed palms resting behind the neck, so that she could
powder my underarms and the sides of my chest. There, she continued
for another couple of minutes, and in such a gentle yet firm way, I
was feeling like I was in heaven.
Then I sensed her pouring some more talc in the palms of her hands,
rubbing them together, and the next thing I knew, she had taken me
in a half embrace from behind, with her powder-smeared hands moving
over my chest. She was now caressing my breasts, moving her slender
fingers through the thick hair on my chest, just like her daughter
loved doing every night, massaging the powder into my chest skin. I
could feel both her breasts pressed against my back, and even
through the saree and the blouse she was wearing, I could feel their
tender softness. By now, I was feeling a little excited myself, half
because of the erotic memories involving my wife being brought back
to me by this ongoing ritual, and half because of the things my
wife's mother was doing to me at that very moment. And to tell you
the truth, I didn't feel guilty at all about getting excited by my
own mum-in-law's groping hands. On the other hand, I secretly longed
for her to embrace me even tighter, so that I could feel the full
softness of her breasts against my back.
I must admit here that even though Mummy was my mother-in-law, I had
often fantasized about her back in my younger years. Her breasts had
always been much larger than her daughter's, and although it was her
daughter that I used to flirt with out in the open, it was the
mother with that enviable cleavage and a perfectly round ass, who
filled my teenage fantasies in those days. I had often dreamt of
sleeping like a baby with my head in Salima Aunty's lap, sucking on
her melony boobs.
It was just a couple of minutes before my earlier secret wish became
a reality. She held me even tighter from behind, and her hands were
now not simply rubbing, but fondling my breasts. She was trying to
grab as much of the flesh in her hands as she could, and was giving
it a firm squeeze. I also heard her breathing get a little heavier
as she did this. She continued this for another 2 minutes, and then
stopped abruptly. "She must be getting some more powder," I thought.
Well, I was right. However, it took her a little more time to do
that than it should have. But I didn't bother to turn back to see
what she was doing, and waited for her to continue, when she hugged
me from behind once again. But this time, there was something
different in her embrace. It was not only its tightness that was
different and more intense, but also what I was now feeling against
my back. I could feel her breasts pressed tightly against my back,
but only this time, they were BARE. It seems, within that short
pause, she had pulled down the pallu of her saree and taken off her
blouse before returning to massage my chest again. Well, I wasn't so
sure whether that really was the case, but I didn't dare to turn
back to check. All the same, I could feel the bare skin of her
breasts fully pressed into my back, her hard nipples brushing slowly
against it with her every movement, while she continued squeezing
and fondling my breasts from behind like mad.
Her squeezing had got a little harder now, and was hurting me a
little. She was now also playing with my nipples, twisting them with
her fingertips and pinching them gently. Her breathing was now even
heavier, and I could feel her hot breaths down my neck and near my
ears. God, this was driving me crazy! This went on for another 2-3
minutes, after which she stopped abruptly once again. "Tarun," she
now said in a soft - almost seductive - voice, "Why don't you lie
down on your chest, so that I can also do your feet and calves'" By
now, I was so very overwhelmed by the way Mummy was 'manhandling'
me, I was ready to do whatever she wanted me to do. And I did just
what she'd asked me to do. I lay down on my chest letting my body
loose on the bed and spreading both my arms sideways. I rest my head
on the right side with my eyes closed, never once daring to look
I could feel Mummy rubbing powder on my feet now, and slowly, she
started moving up my legs. She caressed the whole length of my
calves, right down to my heels, with the same gentleness with which
she had massaged my shoulders. When she had thoroughly powdered both
my legs (below the calves), she suggested something that made me
jump. "You can remove that towel now, so that I can massage your
thighs," she said, waiting for me to respond. But I didn't. "You've
walked quite a lot for the whole day, haven't you' Your leg muscles
must be paining. Let me soothe them out for you." Well, true that
I'd done a lot of walking during the day, and true that my leg
muscles could do with a light massage. But at the hands of my mother-
in law' Surprisingly, I saw nothing wrong with it. But still, I felt
hesitant to remove the towel, the only piece of garment I had on at
that time, and expose my butts to my mother-in-law.
"Come on, don't behave like a school boy," she said, her voice
almost a whisper now. "You know I'm so much older than you. And
besides, you're lying face down anyway. So I can't see your 'that'
thing, you know" she added giggling. Well, it sure sounded like a
convincing argument to me, so I just pushed my ass upward, pulled
the towel from under my body, but didn't remove it fully. I just let
it lie loosely sprawled over my hips. My excitement was growing with
each moment, so I really had to struggle, keeping both my legs
pressed together, in order to keep my half erection hidden from
Mummy's view. I now felt Mummy's soft hands working over the back of
my thighs, with the same gentleness, which later gave way to some
powerful squeezing and kneading. She stopped briefly to take some
more powder, and the next thing I knew, she had slid her hands under
the towel lying loosely over my butt, and was now gently caressing
my ass with those heavenly hands. She then removed the towel and
threw it away, baring my whole backside to her view. She treated my
butt meat in the same manner as she had done with the rest of my
body, and now I'm running short of words to describe exactly how I
was feeling at that time.
I could feel my organ tighten under my body and pressing hard into
the soft mattress, struggling to achieve full length. When she had
given my hips a thorough massage, I could feel blood and adrenaline
rushing through not only my ass, but my whole body like an
overflowing river. That's when I heard her say in a low, but stern
voice, "Time to turn around now, dear Tarun." I couldn't believe my
ears. "What'" I asked, quite shocked by the idea of baring my naked
front to her. "You heard me. Turn around!" she said. "You DO want
your facial massage in the usual way, don't you' You think Neela
hasn't told me about that'"
This was just too much. Was Neela really sharing all our secrets
with her mother' ALL of them' I shivered at the thought. "Now stop
acting so shy, and turn around my dear son-in-law," she said in a
more gentle and mocking tone, which sounded more like a challenge to
me. While saying this, she slid her right hand over my right thigh
and tucked it underneath, while her left hand found its way below my
right arm. She tugged at my body with a little force, and now I had
no choice but to oblige. I turned slowly, trying in vain to hide my
cock between my legs, which had now receded back to its half-erect
position due to the anxiety of the moment. It was only when I was
finally lying on my back that I dared to open my eyes and face Mummy
for the first time, who was sitting right next to me on the bed.
Yes, I'd been right all this time. She was actually sitting there
topless, with the pallu of her saree hanging down from her waist,
and her blouse nowhere to be seen. She sure was a great sight to
behold. I just couldn't take my eyes off her breasts. They were so
astonishingly firm and large, it would be hard to believe that they
belonged to an almost 50 years old woman. Her nipples were dark and
large, and standing fully hard. I just kept staring at those
enormous globes of tender flesh for a few minutes before I realized
what I was doing, and then turned my gaze towards her face.
Mummy was staring down at my body with the same affection which she
always had in her eyes. But this time, there was an additional
twinkle in her eyes, which I know from experience, is something seen
in the eyes of only a hungry woman, who is soon going to have that
hunger fulfilled. "Just what I'd thought," she said, smiling at me
warmly. "What' What do you mean'" I asked. "You were having a half
erection while I was massaging you, weren't you'" she asked in a
teasing voice. There was no point in lying now, since she seemed to
have noticed my penis still standing half erect. So I said, "Well
Mummy, I sure felt excited by the way you were massaging me." "You
really are a very fine young man," she said, moving her gaze down my
body and fixing it on my penis once again. "And I am so glad for my
daughter that she has YOU to give her the pleasures of womanhood,"
and with this, she slid her hand down my chest, over my tummy,
directly to my cock. This sent thousands of butterflies fluttering
inside my body. She briefly curled her fingers through my pubic
hair, tugging at a few strands, and within a moment, she had grabbed
my cock in her right hand. I could feel the organ zoom back to full
erection in an instant, right inside her fist.
Mummy smiled at me again, and started stroking my cock gently, and I
could feel every single drop of blood throbbing inside there as it
passed through. Mummy picked up the powder can again, took 2
handfuls of the powder and applied it right on my cock, now using
both her hands to cover its full length. She started slowly moving
both fists up and down, while keeping her grip firm on my cock. She
spread the powder all over the cock, and also over my balls, and my
whole pubic area was now bathed in fragrant white powder. She
stopped again after a few minutes and said, "Time for your facial
massage. Don't you want to sit up now'" She sure knew everything
that my wife and I did inside our bedroom. I sat up from my lying
position, sat upright on the bed facing her.
Mummy sprinkled some more powder, but this time, over her own
breasts. She spread the powder evenly over them, and then stood with
her knees on the bed, right before me. We looked longingly into each
other's eyes for a few moments, and then she pulled me towards her
with her hands behind my neck, so that my face dug into her
cleavage. She held my face in the palms of her hands, and then
started rubbing both her breasts on my face, just the way my wife
does every time, too. She kept smothering my face between her
massive boobs, barely letting me breathe properly. Yes, that's the
way I like getting my face massaged by a woman, dear folks! And
there just can not be any better way than that, I can bet. Mummy's
breasts were so damn tender, so very full and yet, so amazingly
firm, even Neela's breasts don't feel so nice against my face. With
Mummy treating me to this massage, my face was fully submerged in an
ocean of meat, and ohhhh I'd have sunk there to death most happily.
After my face was fully smeared with the powder transferred over
from her breasts, Mummy stopped and pulled a little away from me.
She again held my face like a mother holding the face of her own
beloved child... very, very lovingly. Then, I saw her face coming
down on mine, slowly but longingly. At this moment, I just couldn't
control myself. All this time, I had been playing an absolutely
passive role in the whole episode, not daring to do what I felt like
doing so badly. But from here on, I decided to play the man and to
return all those pleasures to Mummy, which she had been giving me
all this while. With that, I grabbed her face with both hands,
pulled her towards me, and planted my lips onto hers. We kissed
deeply for ages, first only lip-to-lip, but later with our tongues
darting into each other's mouths to lick and suck at everything
possible. I can swear over my 29 years of life that I'd never
received such hot and wet kisses from ANY woman before that. Mummy
was so full of passion, it was hard for someone like me, about half
her age, to keep pace with her fiery smooching. She fully stunned me
with her mastery over the art of kissing during those 15 minutes
that we kissed, showing me just what tongues and lips are meant to
be used for.
We again sat on our knees facing each other, looking into each
other's eyes with such love, such passion, and such eagerness, as if
we had been lovers for ages past, but separated for some time. Then
we kissed again. With more fire oozing out of every smooch and
getting wilder and crazier with every passing minute. We must have
thus kissed for another 10 minutes at least, before pulling away.
Then, not taking her eyes off me, Mummy picked up the powder
container again, and handed it over to me. "You know what I want you
to do now", she said, smiling slyly again. I didn't need any more
instructions. I sprinkled some powder in my left palm, rubbed it
over the right one to distribute it evenly, and then with those
palms covered with powder, I grabbed Mummy's breasts. First, I held
them gently, caressing them slowly. I could feel her thick nipples
harden again beneath my hands, and that was enough to drive me crazy
once again. I started pumping Mummy's breasts with whatever force I
had in my hands, not caring that it might hurt her. But her breasts
were so large in their girth, they just wouldn't fit in my full
palm, however wide I stretched. I was grabbing, fondling, crushing
and playing with her massive boobies like mad, not caring to be
gentle anymore.
Mummy was moaning loudly with my every squeeze, from either pain or
pleasure. But whatever it was, I can bet that she was enjoying it
thoroughly. For as I did this, she clenched the hair on the back of
my head and started grunting "Ohhhh...Tarun! TARUN! You're so
strong! You're such a strong young man! Squeeze me! Squeeze my boobs
harder. I want to feel a real man like you enjoying my boobs.
Squeeze! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeze! Aaaaaaahh!" I not only fulfilled her
wish by squeezing, harder, but later also by licking (almost eating
out) her breasts. The way I was molesting her breasts, one would've
thought that it was the first time ever that I was setting my hands
on a woman's melons. All this time, Mummy kept showering me with her
wet and wild kisses, of which she seemed to have an unlimited
supply. Mummy had not had any opportunity to have sex for the past
20-odd years, so she was appareantly making up for all those missed
pleasures today.
"Well, it's been routine stuff for you until now," she said
finally, "But now I'm gonna give you what you've been pining for all
these years, but my shy little daughter has always been reluctant
about." Not that I was fully clueless. But I wasn't quite sure of
what exactly she meant, so I waited for the explanation to come from
Mummy's own mouth. She indeed used her mouth to answer my curiosity,
but not by way of words... By way of action. Mummy went down on me
again, groping my body all the way down to my cock, and before I
knew, I saw it disappear inside her mouth. My God! She was giving me
the ORAL! Yes, that's the truth. Although I have shared lots of
wonderful sex with Neela, she has never given in to my numerous
suggestions of having oral sex. She doesn't mind me eating her
pussy, which I relish more than any cuisine on the face of the
earth. But she always flatly refuses to suck me. Due to this reason,
I'd been missing the pleasures of having my cock sucked by a woman
for all these years. But now, Mummy was there like a God-sent angel,
ready to fulfill all my unfulfilled wishes.
It was the first time ever that I got to feel my hard cock taken in
by the soft and tender mouth of a woman. The sensation was far more
superior and ecstatic than any other thing I had experienced in my
life. The way Mummy moved her mouth up and down along my shaft, the
way she sucked on it, the way she fondled and played with my balls,
the way she kept nibbling at my cock teasingly, the way she kept
jerking it, and ultimately, the way she brought me to one of my most
tremendous ejaculations...everything was simply out of this world.
It took me right into heaven. Even after I had cum and felt myself
fully spent, she seemed to be in no mood to stop. She just kept
sucking me, sucking hard, to bring out even the last tiny drop of my
I finally collapsed in the bed in a state of daze. Mummy moved up
again towards my mouth, and gave me such loving kisses all over my
face, I couldn't help hugging her tightly again, and reciprocating
to them with the same passion. She then lay in my arms, and we spent
some speechless minutes cherishing those blissful moments we had
just spent with each other. After a few minutes, Mummy again went
down on me and within seconds, she had once again 'erected' my once-
spent cock back to a full hard-on using her expert hands. I'm
telling you folks, she is a true magician with a man's cock.
Needless to say that we engaged in a few more minutes of fiery sex
before collapsing in each other's arms once again.
What was remarkable was that we had both shed all our inhibitions,
not caring a damn about our familial relationship and the rules of
the society. All we knew was that we were perfectly comfortable with
whatever we had done with each other, and had no regrets about it.
And heck! Why should one regret doing something one has derived such
divine pleasure from' This was the start of our (what the rest of
the world might label as incestuous) relationship. Goes without
saying that my whole stay in Bombay was the most memorable. We lived
those days just like a newly wed couple, curious about everything
related to sex and each other's bodies, quite adventurous about
trying out new things, and always hungry for more. Mummy never
refused to fulfill any of my wishes, and the number of positions we
experimented within those 5 days must have far surpassed those
described in the Kama Sutra. After wild sex each night, we used to
fall asleep in each other's arms, only to feel myself being woken up
in the middle of the night by Mummy's groping hands (and/or mouth)
to pick up where we had last left off.
Our relationship continues even today. In fact, I nowadays try to
ensure that I get to travel alone to Bombay, without my wife
accompanying me. But I can't keep preventing her from coming along
forever. There will surely come a time when I will HAVE TO take my
wife along, too. I complaining' No way! Because I already
have plans drawn out for what I'd like to do at that time. You
guessed it right, friends. I'm going to have the mother and the
daughter together - in the same bed. That's my next fantasy in life,
which I'm dying to see come true pretty soon. And guess what' Mummy
has already agreed to it. I once made the suggestion to Mummy -
very, very hesitantly. But like always, Mummy astounded me by giving
the most enthusiastic response. With her consent, I don't think it's
going to be very difficult to convince Neela for the threesome,
since as per our plans, it's her own mother who's going to seduce
her into joining us in bed. With a wife like Neela and a mother-in-
law like Salima, I've already had ample luck in my life. But I still
need some more of it.